Welcome darling!


Are you nervous or scared of giving birth?


Are you worried about the pain?


Are you a first time mum who feels a bit lost and is looking for guidance and support?

Are you a second/third time mum who dreams of having a positive labour and birth following a previous negative experience?


Do you want to feel calm, confident, in control and totally rock your baby's birth?



If you said yes, I can help you!

I have been where you are now!


I experienced so much fear and anxiety leading up to the birth of my daughter and I became a complete mess of nerves because of it!

I would worry about so many what-ifs and I got myself into a really negative mindset.

You can bet, it didn't help me one bit! 

But then I was introduced to a fantastic birth preparation method that knocked all my anxiety on the head!

And I want to share this powerful and empowering method with you!

So what is my Badass Birthing Queen Programme all about and how can it help you?


I have created a signature online coaching course designed to help women around the world who want to fully educate themselves about the birth process, learn how to reprogram their minds, to trust their amazing bodies and learn powerful hypnobirthing techniques flexibly from the comfort of their own homes.

This is for you if you want to access my services but due to geographic location or time issues, you cannot attend my in person classes at my home in Manchester, England.

My online course lasts for 6 weeks and comprises of 50 comprehensive audio & video modules sent directly to your inbox with some bonuses thrown in for free! Your birth partner will also receive his/her own guide and lean how they can provide the highest standard of practical and emotional support to you during your pregnancy, labour and birth.


You will also receive 6 positive pregnancy and birth preparation relaxation mp3s, a printable home study guide to accompany the modules and 1-1 online calls with me each week to answer any questions you may have and to enjoy practicing deep relaxation techniques with my guidance and support.


Here is a break down of everything you get on the Badass Birthing Queen Online Coaching Programme:


1. Welcome (video)

2. My Story (video)

3. All About Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing (audio)

4. The Subconscious Mind (audio)

5. Up Breathing (video teaching you the breathing technique for 1st stage of labour)

6. The Physiology of Birth (video)

7. The 'Pain' of Labour and Birth (audio)

8. The Power of Language (audio)


1. We Are Diurnal Mammals (audio)

2. Be Aware of Your Birth Setting Options (audio)

3. Investigating Birth Settings (audio)

4. Become Familiar With Your Chosen Birth Setting (audio) 

5. Adding Home Comforts To Your Birth Setting (audio)

6. Creating The Perfect Support Team (audio)

7. Choosing Who Will Be With You (audio)

8. Using Your BRAINS (video about making informed decisions)


1. Pelvic Floor Exercises (video)

2. Vaginal Tearing & Why It's Not So Bad (audio)

3. Perineal Massage (video)

4. Prenatal Bonding (audio)

5. Getting Your Baby Into the Optimum Birth Position (video)

6. If Your Baby Doesn't Move (audio)

7. Due Date Fallacy (audio)

8. Pre-Labour Interventions (audio)


1. Methods To Kick Start Labour (audio)

2. When To Seek Medical Advice (audio)

3. Induction of Labour (audio)

4. How To Have A Positive Induction (audio)

5. 8 Signs of Early Labour (audio)

6. What To Do When Labour Begins (audio)

7. Active Labour (audio)

8. What Your Care Team Will Do (audio)

9. What To Do During Active Labour (audio)


1. Vaginal Examinations (audio)

2. What To Do If Labour Slows Down (audio)

3. Dealing With Distractions (video)

4. How To Work Harmoniously With Your Care Team (audio)

5. Second Stage of Labour (audio)

6. Down Breathing (video teaching you the 2nd breathing technique for labour)

7. Using Gravity To Give Birth (audio)

8. Baby Moving Down The Birth Canal and Out (audio)


1. All About Cesareans (audio)

2. The Golden Hour After Birth (audio)

3. Birthing Your Placenta (audio)

4. Vitamin K (audio)

5. Feeding Your Baby (audio)

6. Post Natal Life (audio)

7. Recapping What You Have Learned (video)

8. Wishing You All The Best (video)


1. Birth Partner Video

2. Fancy A Water Birth? (audio)

3. Planning a VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (audio)

By the end of the 6-week course, you will be so knowledgeable about labour and birth and so well rehearsed in the empowering techniques I teach that you will be calm, confident and ready to rock your baby's birth! You might even feel excited about labour!!! :)


If the Badass Birthing Queen Programme interests you, please get in touch today! 


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