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"I found the hypnobirthing sessions with Anja to be invaluable in the lead up to and the birth of my second baby. Anja is highly knowledgeable in pregnancy and birth and able to convey that confidently and calmly. I felt I could discuss anything with her and trust she’d either know the answer or know where to find it out. She always left me feeling supported and listened to and that any queries I had about pregnancy, labour, or care providers and policies were entirely valid. 


As well as enjoying the sessions themselves, I found the relaxation audios I listened to at home incredibly helpful. They were the right length for me to feel relaxed but not take too much time at bedtime when I was already tired. My 3 year old son also enjoyed these at bedtime and often asked for “Anja’s voice”! These helped remind me of breathing techniques to use during labour but also helped me feel more in control of my body and future labour which left me feeling calm.


I had planned a home water birth with my second baby. My labour was much quicker this time so I used the notes Anja had given me to work out when I should call the midwife. I also listened to one of her audios which helped remind me how to do 'up breathing' and my visualisations.


Following this, the baby came very swiftly before the midwife could get here and before I could get in the pool!  I was not scared and trusted my body and my baby thanks to Anja’s techniques,  I can’t recommend her enough and wish she’d branch out into post-natal coaching too!"

"Anja is simply incredible and such a beautiful human being! She is one of those people who you can talk to for five minutes and feel like you have known them for a lifetime. Anja is an incredible birth and empowerment coach - highly knowledgeable and driven by her genuine desire to help people.


Her experience makes her the ideal teacher for anyone wanting to feel more in control and empowered during their pregnancy, birth and beyond. Anja uses hypno-birthing techniques which are incredibly powerful and successful. But more than that, anyone who makes the FANTASTIC decision to work with her gets something even more valuable. They get Anja! An amazing practitioner who will help you every step of the way, make you feel supported and listened to and that know everything is going to be OK!"

Victoria Maskell

Ann-Marie H

"Being pregnant with my second child, I wanted to carve out some time to relax and focus on the birth of the baby (not easy with a 3-year-old running around). I heard about Anja’s hypnobirthing classes and decided to give it a go.


Each session included a frank and open discussion about childbirth, important information around what happens during labour, wonderful relaxation and practical advice for both me and my partner. To say I loved the sessions would be a massive understatement! Even though I had already experienced childbirth once, I found I learnt so much – Anja has a way of explaining things really clearly. It was also such a relaxing experience that I always left feeling kind of ‘glowy’.


I can honestly say that these sessions with Anja were so precious to me. It was my special time to connect with the new baby and prepare myself for the birth. I have now finished the course and I am feeling so positive and excited about the birth and I know that much of that is because of the advice and support I received from Anja. I continue to listen to the wonderful relaxation recordings (Anja’s voice is so calming, I think I might listen to them after birth as well!!) and practise the breathing and massage techniques.


I would whole-heartedly recommend Anja’s hypnobirthing course to women and their partners who are preparing for the birth of their first or subsequent baby. It’s nothing to do with the sort of hypnosis you see on stage or whatever, it’s a complete and comprehensive positive birth preparation course which will arm you with knowledge, self-belief and all the other little tricks that will enable you to have an empowered and calm birth experience."

"As a first time mom, I was unsure what the birthing process and experience would look like. Naturally, I felt anxious and overwhelmed by the many important decisions I would need to make to ensure that I received the best care for myself and my son.

The Badass Birthing Queen Online Coaching Programme was incredibly helpful in preparing me and my partner for one of the most amazing days of our lives! The information presented within the modules was thorough, but concise and written and discussed in a way that was easy to understand.


I loved that Anja provided the opportunity each week to meet 1-1 via online video conferencing in order to practice relaxation techniques and to ensure that my needs were met and questions were answered.

Anja is a kind, gentle, and knowledgeable teacher with whom I always felt comfortable and supported. She calmed my fears about labor and delivery, helped me to feel confident and in control of myself and my body, and taught me to be a fierce self-advocate regarding my wants and needs - a true BADASS BIRTHING QUEEN! This is a program for increasing knowledge and empowerment that I would HIGHLY recommend to any expecting mother.

Sam S

Kim S

Completing Anja’s Badass Birthing Queen Online Course has completely changed my views on the birthing process. Initially, although I was so excited to be pregnant, I felt really scared about the labour part of this experience and just wanted to avoid speaking about it.

Anja’s in-depth knowledge and positive attitude has made me feel 100% better about the whole journey. The online resources have been great and I feel like I’ve had all the information I need to understand the birthing process and lots of advice and tips on how to have the most positive birth.


Anja’s relaxation audios have been so effective and Anja has been available every week to discuss all aspects of birth. She’s a lovely person with a bubbly and warm personality that makes you feel at ease! The course has been an incredibly positive experience and I’m so glad I took part! Thanks so much Anja! Xx


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